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Sharm El-Sheikh fishing in particular, and Red Sea fishing (Red Sea angling) in general is one of the most rewarding fishing trips an angler experience. Gulf of Aqaba and staits of Tiran are nearest to Sharm El-Sheikh, but the Gulf of Suez is only a couple of hours away by boat. Trips take of one of a very few marinas in Sharm. Considering Pesca, Egipto, Mar rojo, Golfo de Suez, pescando los viajes, comprables,Fischen, Agypten, Rotes Meer, Golf von Suez, die Reisen fischend, erschwinglich,fiskande,ribarenje,fischend, Fischfang, Fischerei, Angeln,visvangst, visserij, visgelegenheid, hengelsport,ribolov, vezivanje, ribolovni, ribolovstvo, ribarski, ribarstvo
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According to latest "published" status, fishing Sharm El-Sheikh is not permitted. No fishing tackle should be loaded on any boat taking off from Sharm El-Sheikh. Practically speaking, this implicitly means that no fishing trips can take off from Sharm El-Sheikh, even if set to fish outside the reserve. Diving and snorkeling safari boats performing any fishing activity are subject to detention and severe fining.
A lot is said about fishing Sharm El-Sheikh. Not only how good or bad it is, but also whether in the first place it's legal or not.

Well, truth is that Sharm El-Sheikh fishing is currently prohibited. Sharm El-Sheikh lies within the borders of a protectorate called "Ras Muhammad National Park". All activities that might destroy corals or affect the natural environment are prohibited. This also includes hunting, birding, picking of corals & shells, boat anchorage, etc.

Another good fishing option is Hurghada, which is another Egyptian tourist destination for marine activities. It is another Egyptian city that lies on the western coast of the Red Sea. Originally a small fisherman's village, Hurghada currently encompasses a huge diversity of boats, accommodation services, and marine activities of different levels ranging from basic to luxurious. Many premium islands, diving, and snorkeling spots are not far from Hurghada. With a very wild and wide marine region and unrestricted fishing activities, Hurghada is a recommended fishing spot.

This website gives briefings on what you get for your trip, what you need to have on your own when participating in a trip, trip schedules, and how to contact us.

Red Sea fishing safari boat by sunset
Sport fishing boat at sunset.

El Gouna (ade El-Gona)Pescado sarm el seikh (sharm el-sheikh) von angeln pesca egitto pesce red mare horgada. Vissen in de Rode zee. fisk & fiske de fiskern agypt a rot meer riba ribarski pozdrav. mahi mahi pesca fisch von agypten (?gypten)-Rotes Meer. Sportvissen and bootvissen.