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Red Sea fishing (Red Sea angling) is one of the most rewarding fishing trips an angler can experience. Enjoy deep sea fishing in Hurghada, Gulf of Suez, Marsa Alam, Safaga, El-Gouna, Makadi Bay, and Sahl Hasheesh (Sahl Hashish). Turn-key boat sport fishing (sportfishing) trips (fishing charters and fishing safaris) for fishing the Red Sea and fishing Egypt: Reef Fishing.
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Red Sea fish species for trolling, vertical jigging, and still bottom fishing

Nothing compares to fishing and diving the Red Sea" say pros and amateurs who try it!

Although not considered a big game fishing water body, the Red Sea is "active" almost year round, making it one of the most interesting fishing destinations on earth; especially if compared to other, more "seasonal" destinations. Probably relative calmness, diversity of species, rich bottom structures, and the warm climate contribute to this.

Most good fishing spots are several hours of sailing away from take-off marina. Better spots may even be farther away. Therefore, those looking forward to enjoy a true Red Sea fishing experience should avoid day trips and even short safaris. A reasonable safari would be 2d/1n or longer. Not just longer fishing fun, but also better chances to reach remote spots and to make as many moves as needed according to weather and fishing conditions.

Ideal Fishing Seasons: No cold or heat can bother a keen fisherman. However, severe wind does! Feburary is usually windy on the Red Sea. If there is a period to avoid, it would probably be last week of January to first week of March, inclusive. This is merely due to wind conditions, not fishing conditions.

The Red Sea possesses ideal bottom structures accommodating a huge and diverse habitats of fish species. We typically practice still fishing, trolling, vertical jigging, casting, and poppering. As with most water bodies on earth, early morning and late afternoon are known to be exceptionally rewarding on the Red Sea. It's noteworthy that daytime species are totally different, with only a few exceptions.

"Red Sea"; Where Does the Name Come From? Check out literature and you will find all different assumptions and theories for why it's is called the Red Sea. Most theories favored and substantiated the concept of having some sorts of red algae. Other, less common theories, attribute the name to red corals that dominate the bottom structures of the Red Sea.
But as fishermen who practiced fishing the Red Sea for several years, we do have our own theory; "red fish!!" Not algae, not coral! Many of the Red Sea fish species come in Red--Many groupers, Hawaiian big bye, some snappers (namely Bohar snapper), some breams (namely King Soldierbream), wrasses, etc.

Link to دليل محلات الصيد Boats of Red Sea safaris typically takes off at 9:30am on first day and returns to marina around 7:00am on the last day. According to group's schedules and time constraints, these times are totally customizable. However, it should be noted that in all cases according to Egyptian maritime legislations and regulations, boat access to Egyptian marinas and jetties (departures and arrivals) is permitted from 6:00am to 6:00pm, or from sunrise to sunset, whichever more restrictive.

Fishing Sharm El-Sheikh: Legality of Sharm El-Sheikh fishing has witnessed several changes during the past decade. Primarily for environmental and conservational reasons, Sharm El-Sheikh fishing is currently prohibited by Egyptian maritime regulations. Divers' and snorkers' safety, coral structure welfare, and proximity to Ras Muhammad marine and land protectorate might be some of the reasons.

For ultimate fishing fun, fishing groups are maintained relatively small. Safari organizers and boat skippers are fishing enthusiasts. This creates an atmosphere that provides full-time professional assistance throughout the safari, and, more important, keeps the competition high!

Link to دليل مراكب الصيد والنزهةOn this website we tried to put together some information that give you, in a nutshell, a briefing about saltwater fishing in Egypt; particularly in the Red Sea and the Gulf of Suez. This includes briefings on what you get for your trip, what you need to have on your own when participating in a trip, trip schedules, and how to contact us.

The website also lists Red Sea fish pictures from our own safaris, information on some popular fishing reels such as Shimano and Daiwa and popular GPSs such as Garmin and Magellan.

Red Sea fishing safari boat by sunset
Sport fishing boat near sunset