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Red Sea fishing (Red Sea angling) is one of the most rewarding fishing trips an angler can experience. Enjoy deep sea fishing in Hurghada, Gulf of Suez, Marsa Alam, Safaga, El-Gouna, Makadi Bay, and Sahl Hasheesh (Sahl Hashish). Turn-key boat sport fishing (sportfishing) trips (fishing charters and fishing safaris) for fishing the Red Sea and fishing Egypt: Reef Fishing.

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Red Sea fish species for trolling, vertical jigging, and still bottom fishing

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Nothing compares to fishing and diving the Red Sea" say pros and amateurs who try it!

Although not considered a big game fishing water body, the Red Sea is "active" almost year round, making it one of the most interesting fishing destinations on earth; especially if compared to other, more "seasonal" destinations. Probably relative calmness, diversity of species, rich bottom structures, and the warm climate contribute to this.

Red Sea and Gulf of Suez fishing trips range from day charters to 7d/7n non-stop safaris. Longer time not only means more time to enjoy fishing and better chances to catch, but also possibility to reach remote and more rewarding fishing spots.

Depending on take-off point (e.g., Hurghada, Marsa Alam, Gulf of Suez, or wild south,) some good fishing spots may be as close as 4 hours or as far as 8 hours from the take-off marina. Ideal bottom structures in the Red Sea make still fishing, trolling, vertical jigging, and poppwering rewarding. As with most water bodies on earth, early morning and late afternoon are known to be exceptionally rewarding on the Red Sea.

For Gulf of Suez charters, boats take off around 7:30am and return to marina at 5:00pm (winter) or 6:00pm (summer). For Red Sea charters boat typically takes off at 9:30am and returns to marina at 4:30 (summer and winter) on same-day trips, and or return at 7:00am on safaris.

For ultimate fishing fun, fishing groups are kept relatively small. Most Egyptian skippers are fishing enthusiasts--an environment that provides 24x24 professional assistance throughout the safari, and keeps the competition high!

On this website we tried to put together some information that give you, in a nutshell, a briefing about saltwater fishing in Egypt; particularly in the Red Sea and the Gulf of Suez. The gives briefings on what you get for your trip, what you need to have on your own when participating in a trip, trip schedules, and how to contact us. It also lists information on some popular fishing reels such as Shimano and Daiwa and popular GPSs such as Garmin and Magellan.

Rich, warm coral reefs of the Red Sea
Rich coral reefs of the Red Sea constitute a fishing, snorkeling, and diving heaven