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Although not considered a big game fishing water body, the Red Sea is "active" almost year round, making it one of the most interesting fishing destinations on the planet; especially if compared to other, more "seasonal" destinations. Probably relative calmness, diversity of species, rich bottom structures, and the warm climate contribute to this and make fishing in Egypt such an enjoyable experience.

Pictures of Fishing in Egypt
Most good and rewarding fishing spots are several hours from jetties. Better spots may even be farther away. Therefore, those looking forward to enjoy a true Red Sea fishing experience should avoid day trips and even short safaris. A reasonable safari would be 2d/1n or longer. Not just longer fishing fun, but also better chances to reach remote spots and to make as many moves as needed according to weather and fishing conditions.
Boats for Fishing in Egypt
Boats for Red Sea fishing safaris typically take off at 9:30am on first day and return to marina around 7:00am on the last day. According to group's schedules and time constraints, these times are totally customizable. However, it should be noted that in all cases according to Egyptian maritime legislations and regulations, boat access to Egyptian marinas and jetties (departures and arrivals) is permitted from 6:00am to 6:00pm, or from sunrise to sunset, whichever more restrictive.
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On this website we tried to put together some information that give Red Sea anglers, in a nutshell, a briefing about saltwater fishing in Egypt; particularly in the Red Sea and the Gulf of Suez. This includes briefings on what you get for your trip, what you need to have on your own when participating in a trip, and a link to the directory of fishing tackle shops. also comprises a list of Red Sea fishing species together with pictures of common species from our charters and safaris in the Red Sea and the southern Gulf of Suez such as Groupers, Barracuda, Dorado (Mahi Mahi), Tuna and Bonito, Emperor, Giant Trevally and Jacks, and King Fish (Wahoo).